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Dev and Ops are no longer apart

DevOps orchestration shortens development cycle, increases productivity and reduces infrastructure cost.

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Our Mission

We are committed to delivering quality Technology Solutions and Professional Excellence Services that provide true business values to our clients, enabling them to achieve their desired business goals and initiatives.

At Resolve Technology, we aim at creating solutions based on technologies with rapid deployment approach, and seamless integration among applications on data and processes.


Actively engaged with IT community
Trusted by CIOs

Why Resolve?


We help clients identify hidden needs, and plan ahead for suitable solutions.


We have top-notch development capabilities to build comprehensive solutions that fit clients' needs.


We provide caring support to clients from day 1 enabling the clients to focus on their businesses.


We make sure every part of the processes is well managed.


Apart from existing solutions, we keep innovating to stay competitive with our clients.

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